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Community Solar Farm Brings More Choice to Residents

Solar energy is becoming more widespread than ever. One of the latest advances in solar is not so much a technology as a way to have local residents benefit from the increasing prevalence of solar. Community Solar, as it’s called, allows local residents to join a local solar farm and save money on their electric bill by buying credits from the farm at a discounted rate.

According to the Department of Energy, Solar now employs 374,000 workers, or 43 percent of the electric power generation workforce, almost twice as many as employed by all fossil fuel generation including coal, oil, and natural gas generation technologies combined.

At the new solar farm, instead of growing food crops, it’s growing energy – solar energy. Just as community-sustained agriculture is gaining prominence, this solar farm is supporting and is supported by the local community. The state of Massachusetts has a program to make sure that local residents benefit from this new sort of agriculture, called Community Solar.

Local electric customers of Eversource can join a solar farm. The great thing is that customers pay less for the credits than their value. It’s like someone offering a $100 gift card for $90. While some restrictions apply, there is no upfront cost to participate.

Perhaps the biggest restriction is that this program and this Community Solar Farm have limited availability. The end of this program has been announced. There is likely to be a follow-on program, but it’s designed to have smaller incentives as these Community Solar Farms become more prevalent. So, once this one’s full, it’s not clear when the next Community Solar Farm might be built and whether the financial incentive will be this good. Customers who get in now stand to benefit for the life of the solar farm. Customers are placed on a first-come, first-served basis.

To learn all the details about this special program click here and you can schedule a no-obligation discussion with a representative of Relay Power, whose job it is to connect residents with this Community Solar Farm.

Local electric customers of Eversource can join the solar farm and save money on their electric bills.